Unique tube audio amplifiers for the discerning listener.

Hand built to order.

About Spencer Tube Audio.

About Tube Audio

Tube Audio was founded by Charles Spencer De Fontaine an Engineer in Mechatronics,  Charles has more than 28 years experience in the research, design, building  and troubleshooting of audio systems. He has handled most of the high end Audio Brands available in his native country of Sri Lanka.

Research for the best quality

Charles says “Building my second single ended 211 Triode Tube amplifier took me 7 months to complete,  with lots of bench research for best the results in sound quality.  The sound quality is pure in every note, from the low frequencies through to the upper notes.  You will feel this when you listen, and you will realise you will never get such good sound quality from semiconductor ICs or transistors”

Designed and built to last

“My tube amplifiers are designed and built to last.  I noticed  that many audio systems have with highly complex and micro semiconductors surface mounted on the PCB.  This causes many issues for the user.  They spend quite a sum of money on a new system, then it after a few months needs repairing.  The PCB cannot be repaired as the components cannot be found or hard to replace. So the user has to dump the whole system, or pay the cost of a new PCB that costs half the price of a new Audio Unit. “

Tube Amplifiers are in vogue

Single  ended Tube Amplifiers are in vogue today,  and are really in demand, as people realise the benefits of great sound quality from and amplifier designed to last.

The future

Our future products will integrate BlueTooth, WiFi and other digital RF systems into Tube Amplifiers.

Other future design projects include Designer Speakers, Tube Amplifiers, Record Players, and Tuners.

Service, Repair and Design

We undertake the repair of most high end audio music systems, from tubes to transistor types to Power Amplifiers. We service all moving components in high end audio music systems, such as CD, DVD, Blue Ray and Disc Turntables.

We also undertake repairs to Industrial Electronic Systems involving high tech studio equipment, guitar amplifiers and speakers. We carry all necessary electronic, electro-mechanical and optical components for most brands.

Our state of the art engineering workshop is installed with the best test, measuring and soldering equipment. We offer our consultation expertise on a wide range of electronics, including electrical systems in industrial use, in offices, and in the home.