Unique tube audio amplifiers for the discerning listener.

Hand built to order.

Bespoke hand-built tube amplifiers

We build bespoke, unique tube amplifiers.  Each amplifier is designed to sound beautiful, to look beautiful in your home, and to last for a long time.

Beautiful to listen to

The sound quality is pure in every note, from the low frequencies through to the upper notes.  You will feel this when you listen, and you will realise you will never get such good sound quality from semiconductor ICs or transistors.

Beautiful to look at

The amplifiers are built from special Nadun wood  lacquered to a piano finish.  The tubes are a featured part of each design, and their warm glow will be a feature in your home.

Designed by experts

Each amplifier is designed by our founder, Charles Spencer De Fontaine, who has almost 30 years experience in researching and building high-end audio systems.  He has spent months researching the best way to build tube amplifiers for the purest sound.

Built to order

All our tube amplifiers are built to order.  Our attention to detail includes using pure copper in all conductors, hand wound with natural silk insulation, and using high grade capacitors with pure foil electrodes

Example products

Examples of our work include :

Tube Audio In Action 1 Tube Audio In Action 2 Tube Audio In Action 3 Tube Audio In Action 4 Tube Audio In Action 5